The quality of one’s life can vastly improve when significant, lasting changes can be made. Sometimes there’s a plateau in therapy or other treatments and we know better functioning is possible but medication is not the answer. Neurofeedback quite literally improves how our brain and nervous system functions allowing for more optimal wellbeing. Mental health and cognitive tasks can improve a great deal. Those who’ve done neurofeedback routinely report better focus, attention and concentration. Anxiety diminishes and sleep improves. Throughout our lives, our brains adapt as they must to survive, whether good habits and patterns are created or dysregulated ones. We must to give ourselves a break because our brains have made us who we are for good reason!

Neurofeedback is quite simply the most braineffective and affordable treatment available to help an array of conditions. The innate adaptability of the human brain – it’s neuroplasticity – makes healing from many conditions possible. Unlike medications, neurofeedback is not a band-aid, simply masking ailments like depression or anxiety, insomnia, ADD/ADHD, or PTSD.  It literally reaches the root cause of imbalances in the brain at the source of dysregulation. It prompts better self-regulation and helps our emotions, reactions and nervous system be more balanced. Neurofeedback helps the brain help itself. We’re able to function in the world more easily.

Neurofeedback is evidence-based and backed by numerous research studies. It helps people of all ages with better self-regulation, clarity and happiness. As a practitioner I address the unique needs of each client and tailor a plan specifically for that individual. Having a solid understanding of the neuroscience behind how and why it works is also very important. Due to recent advances in the field, it’s an exciting time to be doing this work. I’m eager to share it with you!

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