I chose neurofeedback as a healing profession because I can assist people with making significant, lasting changes that vastly improve their lives. Neurofeedback quite literally changes the brain, improving mental health, sleep, relaxation and pain. Neurofeeedback calms the hyper-aroused, over excited nervous system. Our brains adapt as they must to survive, whether good habits and patterns are created or unhealthy, dysregulated ones. We must to give ourselves a break because our brains have made us who we are for good reason!

Neurofeedback is quite simply the most braineffective and affordable treatment available for an array of psychological, cognitive and neurological conditions. The innate adaptability of the human brain – it’s neuroplasticity – makes healing from many conditions possible. Unlike medications, neurofeedback is not a band-aid, simply masking a wide range of ailments like depression or anxiety, insomnia, ADD/ADHD, or PTSD.  It literally gets to the root cause of imbalances in the brain that cause dysregulation. Neurofeedback changes our brain and nervous system in ways that bring us  back into balance. We’re then able to function in the world more easily. Some symptoms disappear quickly while others take more time to abate.

Neurofeedback is evidence-based and backed by numerous research studies. But the quality of the treatment is only as good as the person giving it. Being a skilled practitioner is an art as well as a science. Having a solid understanding of the neuroscience is as important as addressing the unique needs of each client. I’m passionate about this work and eager to share it with you. It is my mission to help children and adults function more optimally, with better self-regulation, clarity and happiness. I consider it a privilege to practice this profession. Each person I work with teaches me something about our breathtaking brain, infinite mind and shared humanity.

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